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1st February 2018

Timber Windows vs UPVC Windows

Why Invest In Bespoke Timber Joinery?

There is a common conception that because UPVC is cheaper, it is better. However, just because UPVC is cheaper, it doesn’t necessarily mean it offers the best long-term value for you or your property. Research shows that the life expectancy of timber far outlives its plastic competitor. Windows made from timber typically come with a warranty of 30 years, and a lifespan of up to 60 years, whereas UPVC windows generally have a warranty of just 10 years and will almost certainly need replacing after 35 years. The conception that timber windows and bespoke timber joinery do not last as long as plastic is a myth. Wood can be maintained at a fraction of the cost of repairing UPVC windows and opting for UPVC could be less cost effective in the long-run, should they require repairs or replacing after the warranty has expired.

“Bespoke timber windows and doors can transform even the most prosaic of properties. They not only rejuvenate period properties, adding style and environmental appreciation, but can turn sterile modern buildings into homes with character.”

Property owners often assume that to have effective double glazing, you must have UPVC windows. All Biker Bespoke’s timber windows now come double glazed as standard, with the capacity to even have triple glazing, which not only increases energy efficiency, but could help you save further on your heating bills.

It has now been proven that Bespoke timber joinery and wooden windows actually add value to a property. Research shows that installing UPVC windows – particularly in period homes or listed buildings – can devalue a property on average by £20,000. UPVC windows are deemed less attractive by many people, especially if they are not in keeping with the appearance of other properties in the local area. Wood also has a homely feel, adding warmth and character, making a home more desirable. When viewing a period property – for example a Victorian townhouse – the estate agent will often reel off a list of period features, with windows being up there as one of the most important.

If the property lacks original or at least restored period features, potential buyers can be dissuaded. ‘Bespoke timber windows and doors can transform even the most prosaic of properties,’ says Ben Biker, who managers Biker Bespoke. ‘They not only rejuvenate period properties, adding style and environmental appreciation, but can turn sterile modern buildings into homes with character.’

With global warming becoming an increasing concern, we are becoming more and more conscious of our carbon footprint. Prospective buyers also take into consideration how energy efficient a potential home is, and a key benefit of installing bespoke timber windows and doors, is that wood is a completely natural and raw material. All Biker Bespoke’s windows and doors are manmade using the highest quality softwood or hardwood timber sourced from sustainable resources. Each quote also provides thermal insulation values or U-values to quantify the energy efficiency of our products.

Biker Bespoke combine expert master craftsmen with the capabilities of the very latest in modern machinery and technological advances to produce a superior product for our clients. Each project we complete is of the uppermost quality, is highly durable and is complete with impressive expertise and a true Biker flair. From sliding sash windows to doors, time is spent analysing designs to guarantee our products are manufactured with accuracy in both technical and aesthetic aspects, but also offer impressive energy efficiency and are highly durable.

When it comes to material demands for windows, wood is taking back market share from UPVC, with approximately 21% of the total market share estimated at £440m. Timber was the core material for making window frames until around 20 – 30 years ago, and although timber windows may have been around for centuries, they are actually a product of the future, with a threefold increase to £200m in imports from European countries over the past decade.

In short, UPVC is convenient if you need a cheap “quick fix”, however if you really want to invest in your property, add value and contribute to reducing your carbon footprint, bespoke timber joinery is undoubtedly the best option for you.